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​​​​​Parish Council Meetings

​The Agenda is posted ​​on every Parish Council noticeboard ​five days before the meeting, as well as on this website. 

Next meeting: Thurstonfield Methodist Chapel, 7:30pm ​Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Parish Council Agenda 3rd October 2017.pdf

The last two sets of ​​minutes are also posted here, in PDF format.

Parish Council Minutes Sat 2nd September 2017.pdf

Parish Council Minutes 29th July 2017.pdf

Annual Parish Council Meeting minutes 2017.pdf​​

Parish meeting 2016.pdf

Annual Parish Council Meeting Minutes 3rd May 2016.pdf


Accounting Statements 2016-17.pdf

Accounting Statements 2015-16.pdf

Annual Governance Statement 2016-17.pdf

Annual Governance Statement 2015-16.pdf

Period for Exercise of Public Rights 2016-17.pdf

Period for Exercise of Public Rights 2015-16.pdf